GSoC blog : The beginning

It’s been a long time that I posted here. Thankfully, I will have something useful to talk about this time.

I am very excited to have been selected as one of the interns for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program for the year 2016. Thanks to GSoC, I have become very interested in open source, and even become one of the mentors for an open-source org on Github ( Link ).

The organisation that I have been selected under is NumFOCUS. The project that I have chosen is the EcoData Retriever project on Github. My mentors are Ethan White and Henry Senyondo. They have been very helpful and encouraging during the GSoC application and community bonding phase.

My project’s main goals are as follows:

  1. Convert data scripts to datapackage.json standard.
  2. Add python 3 support.
  3. Resolve important issues to reach Retriever 2.0 milestone.

Thanks to working on this project, I have improved my Python programming skills and also learned how to use git properly.

Hoping to have a great time this summer!




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