Getting started with Raspbian – First touches

Disclaimer : All the knowledge here has been scoured from the internet.

So I got myself a Raspberry Pi 2 this month. But due to some display connectivity issues (lack of HDMI monitor, USB keyboard,etc) on my part, I was unable to use it.

Finally now though, I have got it up and running. But there are a few customizations (and fixes) that I had to do before it became usable for me.

1. The terminal hotkey 

My number one problem was that there was no terminal hotkey (that launched in the same x session). I sorely missed that, needing to click on the taskbar icon and then shifting onto the keyboard to type the update and install commands.

Adding the shortcut is no biggie. Do the following:

    sudo leafpad ~/.config/openbox/lxde-pi-rc.xml

Find the tag and paste this line just before it:

and restart.

2. The youtube play icon
So there is a glitch in epiphany because of which the play icon of youtube doesn’t really go away.
5 seconds since the video started
So I just installed midori and now that’s my default browser.
sudo apt-get install midori
3. Headphones audio not working
This required configuring from the rasp-config utility.
sudo raspi-config 
Goto Advanced Options -> Audio -> Force 3.5 mm.
I’ll keep adding as and when I find something worth sharing.

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