Make an ISO backup of your Linux distro

Me and Linux have had an on & off relationship for quite a while. Like all penniless people, my broadband bandwidth is small, and thus, updating the distro becomes a pain.

Luckily, I found this –

What’s that?

Simply put, its a bash script to copy your current Linux installation into an iso. While that may sound boring, believe me, it’s a godsend. Just run the script after you are satisfied with your current Ubuntu installation (that includes all recent updates, third party apps and settings).


– No more updates after each new fresh install. Update your distro and save it as an iso and save the time later on.

– Have a ready .iso backup. That’s useful if you wish to make a bootable pen drive or install in a virtual machine.


1. Download the ‘.sh’ and ‘.config’ files.

2. Mark the .sh as executable (Properties->Permissions->Execute check)

3. Run the .sh script in root (sudo).

Congratulations! You just saved yourself a shit-ton of configuration and after-installation hassles in the future.


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